Fantasy Football Dispute Resolution

Since by their very nature fantasy football leagues are competitive, not surprisingly conflicts arise often.  Sources of strife include trades, lineup changes, waiver adds and drops, scoring rulings, and standings or playoff seedings.

Usually a strong commissioner can solve a problem, but sometimes that is not the case; sometimes the commissioner is the problem because they are shady or lack impartiality.

In those cases, what can a league do?  Luckily, there are several websites that specialize in fantasy football dispute mediation.  Here are several:
  1. -- Run by yours truly, a veteran of many leagues and possessor of a decade worth of fantasy football experience.  Fantasy Football Mediator specializes in fantasy football mediation and costs only $3.99 for a ruling guaranteed within 24 hours of payment receipt.
  2. - Offers rulings for free and keeps a library of rulings -- blog style -- so a league could search for rulings on comparable cases.
  3. - This site charges $14.95 per case but in return guarantees same day service and is run mostly by actual lawyers.
  4. - Offering fantasy football dispute resolution since 2001, Sports Judge offers various mediation services.  Prices start at $10 for a single dispute; there even is a season-long (up to 10 disputes) dispute resolution package that a league can secure for $100.

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