Fantasy Football Team Winless? Don't Give Up! 2 Tips for Turning it Around

Is your fantasy football team sitting winless right now, despite all your blood, sweat, and tears?

Don't give up!

All you have to do is squeak into the playoffs.  Once there, it's anybody's ballgame.

Like an MBA, you need to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

Once you do that, try to remold your team.  You have a couple of tools for doing so:
  1. Trades. If your league allows them, try to make a trade.  The drawback is that they can take a long time to negotiate and execute.  Some leagues also allow vetoes of trades, which is exaperating.
  2. Waivers.  My favorite, the waiver wire.  Unlike trades, the waiver wire generally is quick and uncontroversial.  The only hold ups might be the waiver wire order, but if you are winless, you most likely are at the top of the list.  So read up on some potential impact players and go out and get them!  Drop the underperformers on your roster.  You are winless, so you have little to lose at this point, so be bold.

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