Off The Radar Fantasy Football Running Backs for 2009

Mike Bell, Saints - Saints O, decent schedule, PT always leaving the door cracked being dinged up, Saints using 3 RBs at times last year. Hardly under the radar, though.

Danny Ware, Giants - He's in the position Bradshaw was last year behind Jacobs and Ward.

Justin Forsett , Seahawks - JJ doing nothing much, Edge washed up pretty much.

Kolby Smith, Chiefs - LJ is miserable and Charles can't even displace that, so maybe Smith can recapture some magic from his pre-PUP days.

Bernard Scott, Bengals - Cinci run game is good; Scott probably wouldn't be as good as Benson but still could provide nice numbers.

Shonn Greene, Jets - Needs an injury.

Chris Wells, Cardinals - AZ hardly runs but he did have a couple more carries than Hightower last game.

Brandon Jackson, Packers - Always hoping for something but doesn't usually deliver.

Chester Taylor, Vikings - As always, big if AP is out, but usually sits rotting on fantasy benches otherwise. Not exactly under the radar but not always thought of immediately, either.

Jerious Norwood, Falcons - Has to stay healthy and needs a Turner injury.

Melwelde Moore, Steelers - Would need a continually-hobbled FWP and Mendy to go down.

And now some really off the radar guys ...

Michael Bennett, Chargers -- Not that great but LT can't stay healthy and Sproles hasn't been able to supplant LT so far.

Chris Henry,  Texans - Chris Brown doesn't do anything but GL carries and doesn't do that well, Slaton is doing ok but probably needs someone to spell him a bit, Moats really isn't the guy, and Henry flashed some potential with Tenn.

BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Patriots - Needs Maroney and Morris to get dinged, which is possible.

Samkon Gado, Rams - Needs a SJax injury.

Peyton Hillis, Broncos - Would take Moreno and Buckhalter injuries but showed he can do something if the opportunity arises.

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