Fantasy Football Bye Week Blues?

How to handle the bye week blues?  Despite lots of planning ahead, injuries and surprise breakouts or nonproduction can throw a fantasy lineup into disarray.  I am not sure any one bye week lineup and roster strategy will cover all scenarios. That's why I handle roster lock with several techniques, depending on my record and my current opponent.

1) If I am playing a team that is unlikely to score much, I might take a zero if the position is TE, because usually the WW options at TE are not worth dropping my starting TE or even a 3rd/4th RB or WR for. I may also be willing to take a zero at K if my opponent is depleted. I usually am not willing to take a zero at D; those points tend to be a little more significant.

2) If my opponent is strong, I look to ideally do a 2-for-1 trade so I can move dead weight, add a decent role player via trade, and get a WW guy I covet1. Or I make a 1-1 trade so each team can fill a need.

3) If no one bites on the trades, which is often the case, I drop a guy with lean stats, low upside, who is injured, or is on bye. Then I can either pick them back up or get something comparable off the wire. I use Scout Teams a lot to track players that could replace a dropped player from the previous week. This works well.

4) I don't carry two Ks. I almost always manage to pick up a K that will produce during a bye week based on SoS. Last year, for instance, I picked up a very underwhelming Dan Carpenter based on a favorable match up and he rewarded me with something near 20 points. If I am forced to release a really good K, I first will try to trade him for something or if nothing else, I will bite the bullet and release him and just play match ups thereafter. There have been very few times I regretted letting a K go.

I rarely will carry two TEs unless I've managed to pick up a very good backup and either need to cover a bye week that will happen within the next two weeks or that I hope to use as trade bait. I try to keep the two TE period as short as possible.

I rarely carry two Ds unless one D is too good to drop or, as the playoffs loom, I can rotate to play match ups. I don't necessarily see the two D thing as a bad; that second D could be much more useful than a seldom used 4th/5th RB or WR.

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