7 Habits of Highly Successful Fantasy Football Owners

Owners that consistently win year after year have certain keys to their success.

I usually make the playoffs and have won a championship and a consolation bracket.

Here are my 7 habits:

1) Draft prep - not just tiering and mocking, but reading about teams and players and seeing about coaches, strength of O- and D- lines, stuff like that.

2) Loading up on RBs and WRs in draft. Usually not grabbing a top QB early in the draft but not being inflexible about this one. Taking a D and a K last.

3) In general, not using up waiver position on K or D/STs. I'll let waivers run and then I'll pick up what I need.

4) Avoiding injury prone players. I have stayed away from certain players and usually haven't regretted it. SJax is one, Westbrook is another. I don't always do this one well -- had FWP the previous two seasons and he was a pain to deal with (sorry for pun). I avoided him this year (slow learner I guess).  I also avoid all but stud players on terrible teams.

5) Heavy use of waivers. I usually start slowly ... one year I got out of the gates 7-0 but that was a rarity. However, my teams tend to get better and better over the season as I pick up players. I've gotten Droughns, Jennings, Colston, Pierre Thomas, etc. over the years just a bit before they made their big splash. Also, I have taken great advantage of bye week castoffs.

6) As playoffs near, keeping SoS in mind. This has helped me a lot. Several times I've lined up players or D/ST for a specific week in the playoffs and those have propelled me.

7) I always am reviewing my entire roster; I try to never fall trap to thinking any one position is set.

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