Week 1 Projections

To help in making lineup selection, one thing I like to look at is projections. I look at projections from several sites, not just one.

This week, I'll start you with:
  • ESPN, who I find to be ok with most of their projections.
  • CBS, who I question a bit more but still like to consider.
  • FFToday, who can be a bit optimistic with certain players but is very detailed.
I'll introduce you to other projection sites as the season progresses.

Never base your lineup choices solely on projections, but use them as one piece of the various considerations for your starting lineup. When using projections, try to see where the consensus is; throw out the outliers (a.k.a., the overly low or high projections that don't jibe with most of the other projections).

FYI, I'll soon post an article discussing all the angles to consider when naming your starting lineup.

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