The Usefulness of Fantasy Football Forums

Many fantasy football sites host forums that allow for for fantasy football team owners to debate, share ideas, and ask for opinions.

Usually the boards have a couple of sections and most often break down at minimum into an area for debate and sharing information and another one for asking for opinions regarding trades, waivers, and other roster management issues.

Three forums that I have found to be robust and useful are:
The main reason I read the forums is because of the exposure to many other ideas: different ways to interpret events, local insights from fans that live where a NFL team is based, and sometimes even breaking news just a bit before it hits news sites.

There are some general rules of etiquette for forums and it is important to read their pinned announcements regarding these at each board, as the rules can be a bit different from one forum to the next. However, generally you should refrain from personal attacks, profanity, spam, trolling, and post on the appropriate board as established by the site.

So go ahead and try out some of these forums. They are a useful tool for managing your fantasy football team(s).

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