Fantasy Football Trade Analyzers

Already looking to make some trades? Or have you already been offered some trades? Then check out Fantasy Sports Portal's Trade Analyzer. It's very easy to use; start typing in just a portion of a name and then possible candidates will appear. You can easily add more lines for bigger trades by clicking on the "+ player" link under the existing boxes.

There is some additional useful information on the page, such as current stats and news, so make sure that you look at that and also take the time to mouseover the icons by each player's name for additional stats and news.  I highly recommend that you consult this tool any time you are trying to formulate trade offers or if you are trying to evaluate offers made to you.  What I really like about this tool is that it reduces everything down to an easily digestible set of numbers for each side.  You can then see if a trade is fair or lopsided. 

Another trade analyzer exists at KFFL.  It is not quite as easy to use and does not provide much detailed information, but provides some useful general input regarding your trade and is worth using in tandem with the Fantasy Sports Portal's Trade Analyzer.

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