How to Get a Third-Party Review of Your Fantasy Football Team's Roster

Many experienced fantasy football owners are probably familiar with posts in fantasy football forums asking other owners to rate their roster.

Well now you don't have to wait and hope to get some useful input. Instead, you can go to and use their Rate My Team tool for free. You will have to enter your roster and then customize the league settings and scoring questions that follow the roster entry.

The roster entry can be a little tedious, but otherwise this is a very useful tool. You'll get a detailed report about your roster from four different points of view (i.e., you'll get four in-depth reports, each from a different FootballGuys guru).

The information is useful. It identifies your strengths and weaknesses and provides ideas on how to improve, some strength of schedule statistics, and concludes with current news.

This is a fabulous tool and I encourage every owner to try it. While of course it's not gospel, this definitely provides some useful and objective analysis about your team, and it's free and immediately available.

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