Don't Get Burned By "The Burner" Michael Turner

Experienced fantasy football owners know that the performance decline in running backs (RBs) that carry the ball over 370 times in a single season is well documented.

Why do I mention this? Michael Turner of the Atlanta Falcons broke that threshold last season but he is usually projected as a top 5 pick on many draft

Here are two articles regarding the risks involved in drafting Turner with a very high pick:
  1. 2009 Draft Prep: Is 'The Burner' burnt out?
  2. Trouble for Turner? Effect of Running Back Carries on Future Production
As a Fantasy Football MBA, your task is to maximize upside while minimizing risk. With your first and second round draft picks, you must strive to draft players that have high upside and low risk. Michael Turner is not a horrible pick by any means, but if you have a top five pick in the first round, you might want to think twice before using that draft choice on him.

Make sure to read the two articles about Turner.

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