The Value of Consistency at QB

If you want to be a Fantasy Football MBA, you'll seek articles that do more than say, "Start so-and-so with confidence" or "Never bench your studs." The articles I value are those that provide insightful analysis, often backed with some statistics, without going overboard with the details.

So when I stumbled upon Chris Cunliff's "The Value of Consistency at QB" article on, I dug right in and came out both impressed and enlightened.

The article provides several tables worth of statistics regarding the frequency with which QBs break certain point scored plateaus: 10+ points per game (ppg), 10-20 ppg, and 20+ ppg.

Cunliff then provides some brief but valuable analysis about those stats. Better yet, he does not get too esoteric in his analysis.

There are many draft strategies when it comes to QB: pick a stud, wait until the middle rounds and get a solid but unspectacular QB, QB by committee, etc. Many experienced drafters hold off on picking a QB until the middle rounds, so knowing which QBs tend to be the most consistent is invaluable knowledge, as those are the QBs that are most likely to be available in the middle of a draft. Knowing which QBs tend to score a bundle is valuable knowledge for someone aiming to pick up a stud QB early on. No matter what your strategy, this article is a must if you want to get a leg up on your competition (or if they've read the article, to keep up with the competition).

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