Fantasy Football League Hosting Services

Free Hosting Services:
  1. Fleaflicker - Might be the most flexible free service, as it allows for custom scoring, league size, etc.
  2. Yahoo - I find Yahoo's free fantasy leagues to be ok, but not terribly easy to use.  The lineup setting screen is not the easiest to use, though at least you can drag and drop.  The worst aspect is the live scoring, which is under "Matchup" and hardly looks like a scoreboard.   I do like the ability to flag players for easy following.
  3. CBS - I have used CBS for a long time and I think it is the easiest to use.  I like its live scoring the best, too, as it looks like a real scoreboard.  There are also a lot of good tools, though some of the analysis isn't always reliable.  I have never had problems accessing a league at any time.  I like the Scout Team feature.
  4. ESPN - ESPN is also easy to use and the live scoring is nice, though a notch below CBS's I think.  I wish it had a Scout Team sort of feature.
  5. Fox Sports - I have never used Fox Sports but have bad reviews about it.
Paid Hosting Services:
  1. MyFantasyLeague (MFL) - This is a very powerful and flexible hosting service that I have used once and liked quite a bit.  It generally gets good reviews on fantasy football forums. There are a seemingly unlimited number of ways to configure your league and you can run multiple leagues.
  2. RTSports - I have never used this service.
  3. Yahoo - I have never used its paid services.
  4. CBS - I have never used its paid services.
  5. ESPN - I have never used its paid services.

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