Use Average Draft Position Data to Assist Your Fantasy Football Draft Day Decision Making

An MBA relies heavily on trends data when making decisions. To play fantasy football the MBA way, you should also use trends data.

When drafting, keep in mind ADP -- average draft position. ADP is just that -- a summary of where players are being drafted on average during preseason mock drafts. ADP is an excellent, though not infallible, tool to use during your draft. It can help you avoid reaching and to take a player too soon or wait too long and miss out on a player you covet.

There are a couple of sites that provide ADP information. One good one is at Fantasy Football Calculator. The FFC ADP page is always updated and it is easy to use. At KFFL you can find another ADP page that is based on a different set of data.

Make sure you review these ADP right now and again just before your draft. You can print them for reference, but it is even better to somewhat memorize the general ADP for players you are interested in, because it is hard to look up information during the heat of the actual draft.

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