Why Fantasy Football MBA?

Why did I create this Fantasy Football MBA blog?

Because I love fantasy football!  Since I do,  I thought it would be great to write about it, not only to help others, but to educate myself further about fantasy football during the process.

When coming up with the idea for this blog, it struck me that there already are plenty of fantasy football sites that tell who who to pick up in waivers, who to start weekly, who to draft, etc.  In other words, there's a plethora of sites that do the thinking for you rather than teaching you how to make your own fantasy football decisions.  And worse, the more such sites you visit, the more likely you are to become confused since so many conflicting rankings and opinions are being served up.

Thus was born the blog Fantasy Football MBA.  If you can get a real MBA online with specialties such as finance or marketing, why not be able to get your MBA with a fantasy football focus, too? I will not only link out to as many useful fantasy football instructional articles as I can, but I'll write numerous original educational posts that combine MBA and fantasy football acumen. Plus you'll find here on this site some great fantasy football stats and analytics. 

The online courses at Fantasy Football MBA will teach you all the fundamentals you need to become a awesome at fantasy football.  Your instructor? Yours truly, who possesses not only a ton of fantasy football experience but a real MBA, too!   

About Me
So you're wondering, why does this guy think he can tell me how to play fantasy football?
  • I have a decade and half of fantasy football experience.
  • Only one losing season in all that time.  
  • Only missed the playoffs a few times. 
  • One time I messed up an auction bid, decimated my budget, and had to be extremely aggressive and creative with my lineups and roster.  Despite the mistake, I reeled off 6 straight wins to finish the season, tied for my division lead, and almost made the playoffs (lost on a tie break).
  • I usually am active in more than one league each season.
  • I've played on most of the major fantasy football hosting sites (CBS, Yahoo, ESPN, MFL, and Fleaflicker).  
  • I have participated in all sorts of leagues. Standard draft, auction, PPR, keeper, IDP. Standard waivers, free-for-all free agency, and blind bid waivers. Yes, if it exists, I've probably seen it.
  • I have been a fantasy football league commissioner for several years running. 
  • More importantly, I've won several championships including:
    • One was in a league of fantasy football writers where I MISSED the draft and had to play catch up! 
    • I've even been up against ex-professional athletes and beat them (my victory was over ex-major league baseball player Jody Reed, whose team was undefeated going into the title game). 
All this means I've honed my skills, often learning the hard way, and I'm here to help you win your league.  I want to make you great at fantasy football! So don't wait -- start reading the articles!