How to Win Your Fantasy Football Playoffs

Take a deep breath. You made your fantasy football playoffs.  But don't relax for long -- you need to get busy prepping your team to fortify it for a run to the championship.

Here is an article that discuss how to do so: Five Keys to Surviving and Winning Fantasy Playoffs.

The general concepts are sound although the article is old and discusses players that are no longer relevant.

8 Wins Should Get You Into Your Fantasy Football Playoffs

Here's an article that explains how you don't need a juggernaut of a team to make your fantasy football league's playoffs and win them. 

In-Season Fantasy Football Roster Management

You've drafted the ultimate fantasy football team.  But it'll be all for naught if you don't manage your team adroitly.  To help you do so, check out the following two articles at Fantasy Football Champs:

In-Season Roster Management – Part I

In-Season Roster Management – Part II

Article one is about working the waiver wire; article two is about the art of trading.

Shrewd or Stupid? Zero RB Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

There's a new fantasy football draft strategy making the rounds this year.  This Washington Post article explains what's called the zero RB strategy:

The Zero RB theory is the brainchild of Shawn Siegele, who suggests steering clear of running backs until the fifth or sixth round of a draft.
Zero RB is basically what it sounds like. You simply don’t draft running backs in the high leverage rounds. Depending on how a draft is progressing, I will draft either one high upside running back in Round 4 or 5, or I will draft none at all. My preferred lineup after five rounds is to own one tight end (Graham/Gronk) and four wide receivers. I then focus on selecting potential breakout players, the receiving back in timeshares, and backups in good offenses.

Use Data to Dominate Your Fantasy Football League: Peak WR Age

Awesome article at Apex Fantasy Leagues that uses stats to show that your window of peak performance for fantasy wide receivers is between ages 25 - 30.  While that doesn't mean avoid any WR that's younger or older, the data does indicate that there's a sweet spot age-wise for WRs. 

It's data and statistics like this that can give you an edge over the rest of your fantasy football league.  While only a component of the things that successful owners need to consider, don't underestimate the insight that data and stats can provide.