NFL Teams Still Finding Their Identies

Doug Orth's All Out Blitz articles at FF Today have long been a favorite of mine. This year and last his contention is that the first 3-4 games of the regular season are now serving as a preseason for NFL teams.  I certainly can see that; seems like things are very much in flux to start.  Take a look at his latest AOB article to see if you think he can help you pin down where things are going.

Romo Owner? Here Are Your Alternatives

Were you relying on Tony Romo as your fantasy football starting QB?  Well numberFire lists some ways to overcome his loss.

Players to Target in the Late Rounds of the 2015 Fantasy Draft

I've said it many times -- the late rounds of your draft are what make or break a fantasy football season.  Rotoworld has two articles about which players you should keep an eye out for.  Here's the link to the NFC players article; that article has in it a link to the AFC players to watch.

7 Players To Avoid Drafting In 2015 discusses 7 players to not draft in 2015. I'd temper that sentiment a bit and change it to not draft too high -- I don't think you avoid drafting Jimmy Graham, but you don't draft him as high in 2015 as you used to. 

5 Very Risky 2015 Fantasy Football Picks lists 5 players (big names) that will be risky to draft. My 2 cents is draft them if they slip down in your draft and you can get them at a bargain with a lower round draft pick, which is where you can afford to take a risk or two.