How to Prep Your Team for the Fantasy Football Playoffs

Here's a great recent article by Geoff Lambert at Fantasy Pros that discusses 5 ways to prepare your fantasy football team for a playoff run. In a nutshell, here are the 5 areas:

  1. Stream your kicker
  2. Handcuff your running backs
  3. Acquire a good backup quarterback
  4. Stream defenses
  5. Pray

Make sure to read the article for full details. Other than kicker streaming, I agree with the other points strongly.  I'd at least handcuff my best 1-2 RBs, if possible. I am of the opinion though that you should've done this already. 

Unless you have a top-shelf defense, I am all for streaming, even if you have to carry a second defense on your roster over a 5th or 6th WR.

I don't agree as strongly with kicker streaming because, though there a few things you can do to tilt kicker performance in your favor, kicker output is very unpredictable.

How Fantasy Football Playoffs Work

Here's a good succinct breakdown at by Adam Abshier of how fantasy fooball playoffs work and how to improve your odds of taking the title. The article shows brackets and could also be useful to new league commissioners who are planning out their fantasy football league playoff formats.

How Weather Affects Your Fantasy Fooball Team

This Ask The Experts feature at Fantasy Index discusses how weather affects your fantasy football team's production.

Your Fantasy Football Running Back's Defense Matters

Not only does your your fantasy football running back's production depend on his real life team's offense, but its defense too.  How? See Why Your Fantasy Football Running Back Defense Matters by Leo Howell at NumberFire for details.

Fantasy Football Fact or Fiction: Weeding Out Hype

Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins running back, just posted consecutive 200 yard games.

As you can imagine, he's getting a lot of ink.  In most leagues, owners will be clamboring over one another to get in the winning waiver claim.

And while you should turn a blind eye to 2 weeks of outstanding production, you should be careful about succumbing to hype.

Is Ajayi's success real or just a couple of outlier games?

How many high waiver claims or blind bid dollars have been squandered on what appeared to be a sure-fire break out player that fizzled out quickly?

There are ways to identify and avoid unwarranted hype.

Here are some good articles on how to do so during the fantasy football draft and throughout the season: