Fantasy Football Defense and Special Teams Strategy

I stumbled on an excellent article that 1) talked about fantasy football defense/special teams, which hardly gets any airtime and 2) better yet, provided some useful stats to help make lineup decisions. While the thrust of the article was daily fantasy football, many of the points apply to regular season-long fantasy football too.

You'll want to read the entire article but here's a quick summary:
  1. Pick a D/ST that faces a team that passes a lot. This increases the odds of getting interceptions -- including pick sixes -- and sacks. This is in the same vein as RBs getting carries/touches or WRs getting targets: more opportunity to score.
  2. Use the Vegas line to help pick your D/ST.
  3. Try to use a D/ST that is on a team favored to win.
  4. Try to get a D/ST facing a QB with a low completion rate and/or high sack rate.

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